Stop Staring at Screens by Tanya Goodin

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Stop Staring at Screens by Tanya Goodin isn’t technically an environmental book, nor is it what I thought it was when I ordered it from the library, but it still gets an honourary mention.

To be honest, I checked this out with a view to learning why my youngest child is so absolutely smitten by anything with flashing lights. This book definitely doesn’t do that, but it does provide a quick, easy read, and champions getting out into the world so I’ve included it here.

The slim volume is divided into small sections, each advocating a different approach to reducing the amount of time a family spends online, using thier phones. It’s a really pretty book – the photography is glorious – and whilst I don’t feel it’s applicable to me (given that I use a Nokia…) it’s definitely worth a mention for anyone who is looking to replace screen-time with more family connection.

So, how does that factor into the whole ‘environment’ thing that I’m aiming for here? Well, lots of ways. The more we engage with the natural world, the more we come to care about it. The more time we spend on our phones, the more power we use, the more we’re exposed to advertising, the more we feel dissatisfied with what we have, the more we want to use resources that the world can ill-afford. It’s better for our mental health, our physical health and our planetary health to unplug.

Have you read this book? Do you have any tips for reducing the amount of time you spend online? I would love to hear your ideas, here or on Twitter.


4 Replies to “Stop Staring at Screens by Tanya Goodin”

  1. Your penultimate paragraph says it all so beautifully, it would be lovely to think people will read it and ponder. The obsession with phones is something that has totally passed me by but it alarms me the way people are so glued to their screens (especially children) and miss so much of what is going on around them. My tip is easy – don’t have a smartphone! We have a (shared) little Samsung like your Nokia, pay-as-you go, calls and texts only . . . and that’s only because we need it occasionally for online banking, otherwise we wouldn’t bother with a mobile at all. There is so much more to life! 🙂

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