Buy Nothing New – month 2 review!

This month was vastly easier than previous months as half of it was technically #PlasticFreeJuly.

The feeling of overwhelming responsibility for my things (which I’ve spoken about before) has abated somewhat, but that’s possibly because I’ve been distracted by actually mending said things. I’ve darned the elbow of a knitted sweater (which was second-hand anyway)…

I am SO pleased with this. It’s obvious in the picture, but in real life, it’s all but invisible now that the sweater has been washed and the wool has felted a little.

I’ve also reused elements from an unsalvageable hoodie to make a pair of jeans for my eldest child…

I used the hood drawstring for the waistband and the sleeve cuffs for the ankles. I even managed to rescue some of the cloth from the sleeves to make a smaller pair of trousers for my youngest child. I was especially pleased with this because it made a nice change to patching left knees – something I seem to spend my life doing as sharp kneecaps are apparently a genetic trait that my husband passed on.

This month, my purchase list is small. The fact that my car insurance was due probably helped a lot with this! Regardless:

  • I bought a comic book in the series that Husband is reading (second hand, of course!)
  • I bought three strangers a book, via the Big Green Bookshop‘s Wednesday event. I know these are new books, but it was a lovely thing to participate in and I got to share my favourite works with others this way. And at the moment, in a world which seems so very dark, it was nice to spread what little love I can.
  • I bought my eldest some second hand school trousers.
  • I bought a second hand Christmas gift on eBay. I’ve been looking for this particular item for ages now and as it came up on a saved search, I took the opportunity to buy it.
  • I bought a nail brush for after I’ve been working in the garden. Second hand isn’t really an option here so I bought new from Boobalou because it’s wooden.
  • I bought a digital knitting pattern from an indie designer. I’m going to use it in conjunction with some wooden peg dolls I already have, scrap yarn, and some champagne corks (for mushrooms) to make a fairy play set as a Christmas gift.

Are there any things I’ve wished I could buy?

  • Cotton wadding for a quilt… still. I mentioned it last time so I’ve set up a saved search on eBay and hopefully something will come up soon.
  • Fan merchandise for a game I love which is ridiculous, so I’m not doing it.
  • A set of silicone baking sheets in an attempt to reduce the quantity of baking paper I get through. I might still buy these – baking paper sort of comes under household goods, right?



2 Replies to “Buy Nothing New – month 2 review!”

  1. You are a good mender:)
    My grandmother and mum used to mend mine and my siblings clothes and it’s something I sometimes do and will continue doing.
    Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That mending looks fantastic! I need to get better at this. I usually end up making things into rags because my sewing is so horrible 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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