I’m going to take a short break from blogging on here for a while.

It’s nothing serious – I’ve just been posting twice a week for over a year now and I need a chance to rest and recharge.

When I do come back, I think it’ll be a once-a-week sort of thing.

Thank you for reading along with me, for all the comments, and for all the ideas which have helped me to make my life more sustainable.

If you’re short of reading material in the meantime (unlikely, I know), you can check out some:
Amazing books – (I especially loved Oak and Ash and Thorn, but all of these are wonderful!)
This Simple Life – a wonderful blog about life in Spain.
Read, Learn, Live – another wonderful blog, that’s not about life in Spain.
Eco Family Life – a third wonderful blog about trying to reduce waste for a family.

There are all sorts of amazing resources out there – Jen Gale’s ‘Sustainable(ish)’ site and Rae Strauss’s ‘Zero Waste Week’ movement spring immediately to mind.

I hope you’ll join me again in a few weeks when I come back.

With much love.
Farn ❤


2 Replies to “Break.”

  1. Aww, you will be missed Farn, and I totally understand the need to recharge. Thank you for the mention, it’s very flattering.
    Take care, have fun, and till then, goodbye!


  2. Enjoy your rest, you’ve certainly earned it! Your blog is so inspiring but we definitely all need a break and some R & R now and again to recharge the creative batteries. Thank you so much for the mention, I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting for a while myself as I’m fully immersed in the permaculture course and really enjoying the challenge. Take care, keep growing those veg and I shall look forward to your return! 🙂


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