Vegan mayo from food waste that actually works!

I’ve got to confess, I was more than a little skeptical when someone first mentioned vegan mayo to me.

I had a go though – and it worked the first time! – but subsequent attempts were always runny. I hadn’t really lost anything but some oil for trying to make it, but with the price of sunflower oil skyrocketing in the UK right now, I put my experiements on hold.

Then Husband found this Danish recipe and everything changed!

I’ve translated it below, but because it’s not my recipe, I’d really appreciate you clicking the link above if you do try it. Credit where it’s due, and the original author definitely deserves the clicks. There’s even a handy video, so when you’ve got the quantities from down below, you could just head over and watch the instructions there? 🙂

Micadeli’s Vegan Mayo!

200 mls of neutral oil (e.g. sunflower/grapeseed/vegetable oil)
50 mls chickpea water
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp mustard (I use Dijon)
1 pinch of salt

Put all of the ingredients in a jar with a neck big enough for a stick-blender to fit in (or another type of container).
Blend with the stick-blender at the bottom of the jar.

The recipe above is really forgiving. You can use it with oil from jars of sundried tomatoes, for example (make sure it’s 100% oil that they’re in), or use a garlic or a chilli oil instead. We use raw, homemade cider vinegar for this, so depending on what food waste you’ve got – oil and chick-pea water – you only need to get mustard and salt to make this work!

I would love to hear how you get on if you try making this, and I’d love to hear about any variations you decide to use!


2 Replies to “Vegan mayo from food waste that actually works!”

  1. I am not a mayonnaise person at all, but I love the sound of sunflower oil in it. I have always loved raw sunflower oil. I bet it tastes delicious!


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