DIY reusable water balloons!

Summer is well and truly on its way – even in North East Scotland.

Unfortunately, so is Covid. Still. Again. I don’t even know any more.

Either way, I had both children off school recently with a dose of the plague (confirmed by a hoarded LFT). So, I took the opportunity to teach Eldest to sew some simple cushions.

To use as reusable water balloons! Hooray!

These are fairly self explanatory. In the scrap bag we found some pre-cut patchwork squares, left over from a previous project, but any woven fabric should do the job. And we stuffed them using the guts of an old bed-pillow – most of which was sacrificed to make me a kneeling pad for when I’m digging – so potentially, this is a cheap (if not ‘free’*) project.

We made ten little pillows in total, so each participant gets five. Eldest paired the fabric so that there are five pillows with matching sides and five with contrasting sides – odds v evens, if you like – but the design is pretty irrelevant. Once these ‘balloons’ are in play, they’re all free game!

These are a great way of using up scrap fabric, and a good way of preventing plastic waste in the form of popped balloons. On top of that, they use very little water, so if you’re on a meter, that’s good news too.

And if you’re in Scotland, they work indoors on cold days as mini ‘pillow fight’ ammo!

Cut/find two squares of fabric and place them right-sides together.
Sew around the edges, leaving a gap for the stuffing.
Turn the right way round and fill with stuffing.
Sew all the way around the edge, being sure to catch the opening properly.
And you’re done! Enjoy!

Do you have know of any really easy beginner sewing projects, suitable for someone just learning? We’ve done all the usual bits – aprons and tote bags, for example. I’m keen to try teaching Eldest how to make shorts next but I don’t know if I’m jumping the gun – I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’d especially love to hear about your attempts at making these plastic-free water balloons, if you decide to give them a try.

Much love

*Is anything really free? I mean, I bought the stuff once, right? And labour isn’t free, even if it is in the name of education. I feel like maybe it’s time we started acknowledging all of these hidden costs in things. Do you feel the same?


One Reply to “DIY reusable water balloons!”

  1. Love these balloons! Why not shorts? I’d go for it if I were you, it would be a great introduction to understanding how garments are pieced. I quite liked simple pencil cases as a step up from the obvious basic things as inserting a zip is always fun! I couldn’t agree more with your take on ‘free’ and yes, it’s definitely time for some different thinking.


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